CD STARS Nuovo! 130 BPM flat

Nuovo CD appena arrivato 130 BPM flat perfettamente quadrato e Super Divertente - con un tono decisamente Vintage!

  1. Working my way back to you  John Lloyd
  2. Respect  Aretha Franklin
  3. I can't help myself  Four Tops
  4. Physical  Olivia Newton John
  5. Voulez-vous  Mamma Mia cast
  6. I wanna dance with somebody    Glee Cast
  7. Somebody to love     Glee Cast
  8. Don't be shy    Smallchange  Lil'j   Chani
  9. You should be dancing    Glee Cast
  10. La Collegiate     The boy next door  Fresh Coast   Jody Bernal
  11. Venus     Reese Witherspoon Nick Kroll
  12. Eye of the Tiger   Survivor
  13. Bulletproof vs. Release Me    The Outfit
  14. Starships   Glee Cast
  15. Sexy and I know it   Glee Cast Ricky Martin
  16. Final - Sexy and I know it 1-6-1-6
  17. Apple   Pharrell Williams   Alicia Keys