Superjump - May the G Force be with YOU

November 07, 2016

I like to consider myself the Yoda of Fitness!  "Luke may the G Force be with you!"  What is really training you and giving those fantastic metabolic results on Jill Cooper's modified rebounder?  And how is possibile that someone who is completely de-conditioned and overweight can get on her magical trampoline and shed 10 - 15 - 20 kilos (20 - 30 -50 lbs) in just a few weeks or months?

Let me explain, we are experiencing something extraordinary that has yet to be seen in the fitness arena.  Up till now we have been taught that there are two principle forces in training a body:

1. Aerobic fitness gauging by the heart output and oxygen uptake

2. Anaerobic training - for lactic acid accumulation in an oxygen free context.

Jill Cooper's Superjump using her modified rebounder has shaken up all the rules and changed the results using a new conditioning force: hyper-gravity. Hyper gravity stimulates the graviceptors which are responsible in part (in a grand part) for stimulating your muscles' hypertrophy.

You must be aware that the body is 4 times more catabolic than it is anabolic.  All you need to prove this is to look at a once-broken arm after 40 days of being in a cast.  The body dismantles muscle and bone as soon as it "perceives" the inutility of the lean mass.  Lean mass costs metabolically speaking so your body definitely believes in the saying "Use it or lose it".  And seeing that your body has been programmed 50000 years ago, where the name of the game was survival and not super-size me, it will dismantle anything and everything that is not considered VITAL to move around in this 1 G Force soup, that is called planet Earth.  In fact your body is constantly dosing the amount of gravity in order to keep the least amount of muscle and bone density possibile to keep you moving in the normal world.

In the weight room, trainers try to trick and tweak this system by adding weights and resistance, but it is never as global as Superjump which applies  a hyper gravity stimulus to almost every cell of your body, and almost EVERY TYPE OF CELL OF YOUR BODY!!

The 5 G Force mean that your body is undergoing every time you land on Jill Cooper's modified rebounder (Note: not every rebounder especially the smaller ones can give you the same amount of G Force - and beware of trampolines that are too soft that can promote pronation of the ankles and knees!!!)  Jill Cooper's 8 years of experience has created a rebounder that can stimulate your graviceptors to help improve: muscle mass, bone density, hormonal responses, connective tissue, venous return, immune system and a whole lot more.


So stay tuned here for more blogs on the wonderful world of Jill Cooper's Superjump with her modified rebounder and remember that all you are reading here is from Jill Cooper's research over the past 8 years!



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And get ready to lose weight, having fun and looking better than you have in the past 20 years!

With love - passion and conviction! Jill

La vita è una figata! JILL

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