Superjump makes you thin very fast!

November 07, 2016

Superjump makes people thin, very thin!  Very in shape! Very fast! But why?

Jill Cooper's modified rebounder (trampoline) is the best way to kick up your metabolism without hurting your joints and back.  This is extremely important for people that are out of shape and overweight.  Using Superjump to help people that are de-conditioned is the best and easiest way to improve their fitness levels while reducing the risks related to beginners unconditioned muscolo-skeletal system.

Firstly - Jill Cooper's modified trampoline (rebounder) eliminates up to 85% of the impact force, especially protecting the feet, ankles, knees, hips and spine, but the remaining hyper-gravity gets sent to the rest of the body.  NASA in its study of 1979 showed that the acceleration forces between the head - hips and ankles were practically the same.  That doesn't happen when running, when the majority of the impact force gets absorbed by the ankles, then knees and upwards on the kinetic chain.

Our bodies are full of graviceptors that react to the gravitational forces on the body.  They are part of the body's natural proprioception and help keep us upright.  But this is not the only thing that they are responsible for.  Graviceptors are constantly interacting with the brain in order to keep the right muscle and bone mass necessary to move around in our environment or better put 1 G force.  This is why if we don't work out after only a few days to a couple of weeks our bodies go back to their catabolic ways and dismantle that which the body does not need. (Our body is 4 times more catabolic than anabolic - but that is a whole different blog ;))

When you land on Jill Cooper's modified trampoline your body is under approximately 5 G force, and that stimulus is applied around 125 times a minute.  NOTE: other smaller stiffer trampolines DO NOT PRODUCE 5 G Force, a 100cm - 40" trampoline only creates around 2,54 G's.  Which automatically means that Jill Cooper's rebounder is already producing twice as many stimuli to the graviceptors that are responsible in part in stimulating bone mass addition and muscle hypertrophy.

Not only hyper-gravity conditions the ligaments, the bone marrow, the veins, and lymph vessels.  It helps condition connective tissue and flushes the micro-circulation.  

This is why we have seen thousands of kilos lost over the past 8 years of working with Jill Cooper's modified rebounder, and we haven't seen those pounds come back!  We have seen metabolisms change for good, as long as they keep on Superjumping!
Want results?

Without over stressing your body?

Having fun?

Well then welcome to Jill Cooper's SuperJUMP!
Have a Fantastically Fun day - Life Rocks!

Ps - Superjump helps speed up cellulare renewal - so you get and look younger too - but that's a whole different blog!  See you soon!

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