SUPERJUMP is addictive!!!!

November 07, 2016

SuperJump is addictive, but why?  It's simple it makes you become a kid again, but it is much more than that, and the reason is physiological and psychological on such an instinctual level that we are speaking of something that is almost a scientific surety... and on my guess scientifically quantifiable.

 Firstly, consider a human's natural animal instinct: to search out what they know.  This is deeply tied to the very first life experiences.  In order to understand better, just consider what happens when you smell or taste something that your beloved grandma used to make.  All it takes is one whiff, one tiny taste to catapult you back in time into grandma's kitchen when and where you felt safe - loved - protected and cuddled.

 Now take this consideration one step further.  Jumping is part of EVERYONE'S childhood.  So much so that if you take notice children do not only jump on their beds, but also on the street holding their parents hands.  Children jump all the time, but why do they jump?  It's because jumping creates Endorphins practically faster than any other movement or exercise.

This takes place because the brain creates endorphins when it "senses" or "perceives" 0 G force.  Practically your brain thinks you are going to fall when you are under (or at the lack) of 0 G force, so it produces endorphins as a natural pain killer.

Starting to understand now why you like rollercoasters, jumping off diving boards or on a trampoline?  Its all in the science and your neurotransmitters!!

When you jump with Superjump your body and your brain achieve 0 G force about 125 times a minute.  This means that your brain will be stimulated to release endorphins approximately 5000 times in 40 minutes of a lesson.

Seeing that your brain is hot-wired for pleasure and not for pain, remember that you cannot overcome EVOLUTION that easily (except for Superjump!!). Your neurotransmitters are going to become addicted to Superjump which means you and your clients are going to want to come back OVER AND OVER again to Superjump classes.  Consistency in fitness is what gives results, and above and beyond the metabolic kudos of Jill Cooper's Superjump, here is one of the most powerful tools as a trainer and as a fitness enthusiast that you can get: a brain that can't wait to get back out there to Superjump!

One other thing, the psychological impact of Superjump, not only does Superjump create pleasure in the brain, jumping helps you immediately go back and remember that time when you were a kid, when you felt safe, care-free, loved and protected.  In the end isn't that what we all go through life looking for?

Superjump has changed my life and the life of countless number of people in my Jump team.  I hope you too will give Superjump a try because it changes lives!!

Superjump with the Best!
Have a fantastic Day!
With Love JILL

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