Jill Cooper's SuperJUMP Trend Setter

October 26, 2015

You know you're onto something when you start seeing people copy what you're doing.  They say that imitation is one of the highest forms of a compliment, but I would like to help you understand why they are copying us.  SuperJUMP started 7 years ago, in a grass roots setting, no way did I know that it would set a bonfire ablaze in fitness across the world, but that is exactly what has happened.



But one must also wonder, why now?  Mini-trampolines a.k.a rebounders were invented in 1977, and then beyond Reboundair, came Power Jump in Brasil and Urban Rebounding in the States, but only now is it taking the world by storm.

Why is that?  The answer is quite simple: SUPERJUMP.  Just jumping on a trampoline IS NOT ENOUGH to keep the clients interested for one.  And secondly I have modified the trampoline in order to obtain better acceleration and deceleration to increase the G Force applied to the body.  We get results due to the bigger and better product, and we keep the gyms full due to the methods we have created.

Original SuperJump - KombatJump - Total BodyJump - Hot Dance Jump - Thunderbell - Intensity - Junior Jump - each and every class unique and one of a kind for all fitness levels and personal tastes.

What's more the energy of SuperJump is something so incredible that you can almost breathe the beauty of the love that pervades this tribe.  Something overwhelmingly big is happening in SuperJump something that they can copy, but cannot capture.. and that is why we are looking for partners worldwide to promote the tecnique, from here on out.

We know why we jump, we know why it works, and we know what gives results, and we have the science to prove it.  No copy can give you that.   For info contact   info@coalsport.com  

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