Jill Cooper's Superjump and Coalsport's modified trampoline

October 16, 2015

Today a lot of people are talking about trampolines.  Its become the new "fad", and in part that's thanks to SuperJump.  I discovered rebounding in 2008, working on my Book "How to Kill Cellulite".  My protocol consisted of a vibrating plate, an inversion table, presso-therapy machine, and I needed just one more thing: an aerobic workout that could stimulate the plantar reflex under the ball of the foot.  

Knowing that a stationary bike or a treadmill both wouldn't work I started flirting with other ideas.  End case scenario seemed to be a jump rope, but even that idea got axed due to the fact that it would have produced too much impact on the joints of my clients.  Not to mention that the greater part didn't have either the aerobic capacity or the coordination to jump  rope.  So what did I do?  I went to a famous sports store and bought a mini-trampoline.  It was small, rigid and basically about as elastic as jumping on the ground, but one thing remained obvious: my personal training clients loved jumping more than the other stations of the anti-cellulite treatments.

Little did I know that I was about to make history.  I decided I liked the rebounder but I knew I had to change its characteristics.  I started looking around for a trampoline with my specifications, but it was no where to be found in Italy.  Hence my decision to start to produce them.  My first trampoline was larger than the most diffused model in the world (98cm ) - (111cm) because I needed a better bounce: more shock absorption and a wider work base. My modifications are also one of the reasons that we get better results than other Jump techniques.

From there I stayed home for about 4 months protocollng 140 exercises and the exercise format, after which I shot an infomercial and started working in gyms.  Within a few weeks I noticed something odd: the people who were working out with my trampoline and my method were getting physically fitter faster than I had ever experienced with classical training methods.  So fast that I decided to fund a scientific study that confirmed my assumptions.  Published in December 2012 by Elav, my trampoline and method in respect to the same exercises performed on the floor, increases metabolism by 14% and stimulates up to 191% more muscle fibers.

This is why it works, but why has SuperJump taken the Europe by storm?  And piqued so many curiosities to create a true wave of copy-cat"ism"?  Rebounding classes have been around for years both in America and Brasil, why is everyone currently racing to produce trampolines?  Because SuperJump has taken the workout to a whole new level.

We just don't BOUNCE.. we do so much more!!  We know how to keep the final client interested.  We have hundreds of success stories of people that have lost 20 - 60 lbs in just a few months!  We have formation courses for every type of client and level of fitness.  We have exploded at the major fit fairs and people have discovered the potential, without though knowing the how the why and the when and the where.

But we do... and we are looking for international partners!!

Our classes include:

SuperJump Original -SJ Total Body Jump - SJ Kombat - SJ Hot Dance  - SJ Intensity - SJ Thunderbell - SJ Junior 


If you want to Jump with the Best we are ready to Jump with you:  for info write info@coalsport.com


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October 15, 2016

Excellent video. Worked fine on my iPad. Gosh, you do a lot. Didn’t realize that all of those areas are part of the Clerk’s office. Yes, I’ll be more active. Thanks so mu;s&!nbspc |&nbhp; 

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